Kumho?225/75R15 CS06L KL61 (110/108/S)


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Load Index: 110/108/S
Run Flat: No
Type Size: 2257515 110/108S

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Summer sports tire made according to racing principles, with added grip and braking capabilities on wet surfaces, due to added silicon in the rubber solution.
1. Created to increase speed, comfort, and safety on dry roads, as well as, wet roads.
2. Three central ribs and the directional tread pattern maximize the automobile?s stability during transit at high speeds.
3. The tread pattern lowers the effects of aquaplaning using drainage channels and grooves.
4.The asymmetric design of the grooves enables stability at high speeds.
5. The patented ESCOT technology used in the manufacturing of the frame, provides an even distribution of pressure in the tire and reduces the load on the sidewall, thereby reducing the wear of individual structural elements and prolonging the service life of the product.
6. A sturdy construction made from a highly elastic steel belt and a top seamless nylon layer is especially important when driving at high speed.
7. The rounded edges of the tread blocks contribute to a more even wear of the tire and reduce the noise level.